Tma Energy Policy

TMA has adopted Environmental Management System as an integral part of its business processes. TMA is committed to leading the way for creating environmental awareness in its sector, protecting global resources and leaving the next generations a clean world; TMA’s manifest regarding this target is as follows:

  • Adopting environmental management as an integral part of our business and employing environmentally friendly materials in all of our operations;
  • Following promotive policies to make our employees “Green Consumers”;
  • Minimising the environmental effect by improving our practices with our existing and new investments;
  • Fulfilling our sectoral and legal obligations regarding our operations and complying with codes of conduct, national and international legislation;
  • Raising the awareness of all relevant parties, our customers, suppliers and public;
  • Constantly improving and maintaining ISO 14001 Environmental Management System;
  • Ensuring the proper disposal of our wastes, supporting recycling and reuse and minimising pollution;
  • Ensuring effective, efficient and economical use of our natural resources and following up all relevant technological developments closely are considered as basic principles of our environment and energy policies.

Sustainable Green Logistics Practices Policy

On the way of becoming an “Environment-Friendly Company”, TMA’s principles regard-ing Sustainable Green Logistics Practices implemented as a whole in service processes supporting Energy and Environment Policies of the company are listed as follows:

  • Employing alternative environment-friendly fuels in manufacturing and shipping such as LPG, CNG;
  • Carrying out the shipping processes with vehicles featuring nature-friendly engines such as EURO 5;
  • Installing noise preventing tools on vehicles;
  • Using environment-friendly transport and distribution systems;
  • Reducing general packaging operations and materials;
  • Using recyclable materials instead of plastic in packaging operations;
  • Following up the recycling processes closely;
  • Using unmixed (pure) products;
  • Planning the training for employees intended to raise environmental awareness;
  • Advising the customers...

Social Compliance Policy

Organizing working environments in a modern way for the welfare of employees, TMA always emphasizes ensuring the working conditions meet the requirements of social compliance policies. The company pays strict attention to all issues from safety measures to recruitment, personal rights to the organization of working hours by following legal procedures and follow up thereof and considers employee satisfaction equally important as customer satisfaction. The employees holding expert and professional certificates work at TMA for many years within the framework of commitment and trust.